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Marshall CS JTM145


The Marshall Custom Shop JTM145, a small 1 watter based on the 1964 JTM 45 head. This is an unique take on the rare white faced plexi. A limited run of 200 commissioned by Andertons to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2014 definitely started off with a bang. Unlike the JTM1 which was released in 2012, it has 3 band EQ, Hi & Low input with internally dimed signal path which replicates a jumpered 4 holer on the bigger Plexis; allowing plenty of tone and flexibility.

Make no mistake, this 1 watter is very loud dimed! For apartment/house friendly volumes, there is a low powered option but nevertheless is still quite loud (I wouldn’t crank it in the evenings). The EQ is very responsive with a wide sweep and the High Treble & Normal Channel allowed more refined tone tweaking. This is a classic sounding Marshall amp and the moment I had it plugged in, I was just grinning with joy.

Overall it is well packed and the finishing is top notch as usual. It comes with a custom cover, a glossy colour printed manual(leaflet), a certificate of authenticity from Marshall CustomShop, power lead and a patch cable which I’m still unsure what it is for. My only gripe was there were some glue residue left on the handle which could be removed easily.


2 comments on “Marshall CS JTM145

  1. Spencer
    December 12, 2014

    is it for sale?

    • kelvw
      December 13, 2014

      Unfortunately not, may be worth keeping n eye on ebay. I saw one a couple of months ago but it’s hard to come by now.

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