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The Great British Guitar Show 2013

This is an entirely different  from what I usually post but have always wanted to. I have a passion for music and instruments, it comes a time when I anticipate for events such as this to try and experience new gears. It is also fascinating to gather news and to meet with local guitar builders particularly RobWilliamsGuitars, FlameGuitars, PatrickEggle to name a few.

The highlight for me was definitely the Marshall Slash SL-5 amp. Since I have the AFD100 its bigger brother, I was intrigued with the smaller Chinese made amp. Having the opportunity to try one,  it was difficult to ascertain the tone since it was in a noisy environment however it does feel and sound like a close approximation to the 100watt head. I’ll probably need to try it out again in the shop when it is release in April.

Here’s a video of Chris George, Marshall demonstrator doing some GnR medley. Apologies for the audio in the 2nd video which seemed to be acting up from the beginning.

Marshall Slash SL-5 Combo Demo Pt.1

Marshall Slash SL-5 Combo Demo Pt.2

Marshall DSL-15 Combo Demo

There were some interesting UK build guitars with some really nice tops. I find that PatrickEggle has really upped the game with some fantastic looking flames (see pics below). It is the usual stuff from Fender, PRS and Gibsons. I was hoping to see more Custom Shop instead. Overall it was a fun day out to probe around …and ah yes, how could I forget the massive pink Cadillac!

Enjoy the pics 🙂


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