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Windows 8 User Review

Windows 8 Upgrade backup discs finally turned up in the post. It took almost 1 week for delivery which I thought was a bit long considering it was shipped from Ireland and  how much I was charged for shipping. It should be delivered next day.

Anyway the package was simple unlike the boxed c0py and reflects the ethos of the new interface.  On the inside, the simplicity followed and is well presented with just 32 & 64 which is self explanatory. The discs has a nice holographic ring on the rim and in the centre. That is pretty much what you get with the back up disc if you ordered one online. I’d prefer to have one so I don’t get a whole bunch of generic looking backup disc in my repository.

User Review and Experience

I won’t go in to the full details of Windows 8 as there are dozens of reviews out there. However I would review my user experience in switching from Windows 7 and adapting to the new workflow.

I have been using the Consumer Preview for a good few weeks before opting to switch to the full upgrade when it was available.  I was also contemplating the switch but for £14.99 upgrade, can’t really go wrong there. So why the switch? First off and most importantly all the programs I have been using works perfectly well with Windows 8 however I had system crashes whenever I try to connect my Wacom Tablet previously. However that was with the Consumer Preview before it was updated. That worked fine now with the final version. Upgrading was easy without fuss and with options to either do a clean installation or port all the applications and data from Windows 7.

I was pretty reluctant to adapt initially and constantly bitchin about the Live Tiles interface aka Metro. I found it annoying and does not serve the purpose of my usual workflow.  Where is my Start button?? But months of using it now, I guess it is a matter of getting used to it and customising my workflow around it. There are some nice apps to use and found myself catching up on tech news, weather and emails before launching into the desktop for work. I don’t really use the Live Tiles to launch my work programmes as it seemed redundant to go back and forth from the Desktop to the Metro and back into the desktop. I’d prefer to pin it on the tasksbar or create dekstop shortcuts. There were rumours that the ‘start’ button could return.

I found there were too many clicking around the interface to get some simple tasks done but works well on tablets (I did have a go at the Surface Tablet). Learning some keyboard shortcuts helped eliminate some of the clicking.

I had problems loading some apps and I was unsure why. However  it provided options to ‘repair’ and to re-download again from the store which seemed to solve the issue. On the positive note there were no slow downs, the new interface is refreshing, system was quick to boot and shutdown and seemed quite robust for now. I didn’t really care for the Metro Interface however it does come in handy for certain apps that I use constantly with live feeds. Once on the desktop, it didn’t feel much different compared to Windows 7.  My usual workflow did not suffer most importantly but it does take awhile to adapt and learn which works best.


Should you upgrade? Well as any reviewer would only say to try it out first. It may be frustrating initially as I did but it is matter of understanding the system. The overall experience comes in naturally now and I don’t feel hindered by what has been imposed. I do look forward to checking out new apps once awhile whilst taking a break. It feels like a bit of work and a bit of play in Windows 8. Maybe that is the intention.


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