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Portable Pressure Washer for cars

This seemed a bit random but pretty cool nevertheless if you’re into cleaning like me. Anyway I did not have the luxury of a hose pipe in the driveway and have been reliant on cheap £5 car wash over the years. However I prefer washing the car on my own and since I sold the old banger, I guess I have to give the new ride a bit more care. Bear in mind, you could also use it for other purposes other than cars.

Hence I found a portable water pressure washer solution, enabling me to lug 17litres of water to hose down the car. There are other makes i.e. Mobi Washer and Nomad 12v however by sheer luck, I found a similar one sold at Clas Ohlson for much cheaper at £89.99 in comparison to £150.00. It is a Swedish chain available in UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

You could either use the rechargeable battery or 12v. lighter plug should it run of out juice. It comes with a 6m hose, brush attachment, shower attachment (I cannot understand how it would come in handy) and the spray nozzle. There is also a storage net behind the container to store the hose and other attachments.The battery pack charges quite quickly for about an hour or less.

So how does it fair after a trial run this evening? The car wasn’t heavily soiled but the usual grime from a weeks’ drive in the city. The water pressure was adequate, giving out 9bar (130 psi) which is more than an average garden hose. I was able to hose the car down but soaped down with a separate bucket of water. Hosed the soapy solution down the second time and general jet wash on the tires and inner trims.

That is pretty much I could manage before I ran out of water. The battery was still going strong though. I could probably clean the alloy wheels properly if I were to refill the container again.

Overall it is an eco solution in not using more water than you should. I remember using quite a lot of water when I had the garden hose. This is a brilliant 12v Portable Washer if you don’t have direct access to water source or if you are out travelling and you needed to wash out your dirt bike, your dog or even yourself before getting in the car. Now I wonder if I could charge my neighbours for my car cleaning services.


2 comments on “Portable Pressure Washer for cars

  1. Gavin O Hanlon
    June 2, 2013

    17 litres sure doesn’t sound a lot but I guess you buy this for a very specific purpose and as long as you use it just for its intended purpose it should work well.Some people im sure will complain expecting a super powerful unit but you just cant get a pressure washer like that in that price range.

  2. Dwayne
    June 15, 2013

    How can I get one in the United States Clas Ohlson won’t ship here and neither will anyone in the UK

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