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Dell Precision M4700 & M6700 Mobile Workstation

Looks like the Dell’s new Mobile Workstation has started to appear online after weeks of speculation. This will replace the current 15″ (M4600) and 17″ (M6600) with Ivy Bridge processors and Quadro Kepler. Worth noting are the 3D display options.

Configurations are not fully updated yet with only the Quadro k5000m and FirePro M6000 available at the moment.

Pricing varies starting from $1849 to going to the absolute I want everything at $5299. IMHO the mid-ranged configurations are reasonable especially given the Quadro card costing almost half the cost of the machine. Looks wise, it seemed to be quite similar to the previous model. I would presume with the new chip, it should run abit cooler and longer.

I have just found out that pricing for the UK starts at £1,179 for the Dell Precision M4700 and £1,669 for the M6700. As with any upgrades, the price can rack up quite quickly.

Link here to see full specs.

The 3years business support you get with workstations are top notch. I would get one in a heart beat if I haven’t purchased the T3600.

Quick update: The video has just been released.


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