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PS3 Slim White

Not entirely new to the East however the white PS3 Slim has arrived in the UK, exclusive to GAME. I just wonder why it took so long? It has a light textured matte white surface and comes with 2 white controllers. Other than that, nothing has changed from the stock black unit. I had the fat PS3 replaced due to the infamous YLOD.

Anyway there are rumours and anticipation for a new Super Slim PS3 (CECH-4000 model) this year at Sony’s GamesCom 2012. It looks like some leaked photos taken from

I’m not too excited about the new look if it’s true. It looks like it has a slide down cover and lost some of the sleekness. However it makes retrieving discs easily if anything goes wrong.

Images taken from tecnoblog. 


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    August 25, 2012

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